How to buy Sepolia ETH?

This service is run by a code. If you would like to buy Sepolia ETH and try out our service, simply start small. Send 1 USDC, 1 USDT or 1 DAI on Polygon, Arbitrum One, Optimism or Ethereum network and see how fast you will get your Sepolia ETH on Sepolia testnet. You can also send $1 worth of UNI, MATIC, LINK or ETH/WETH. Using Polygon network you will save on fees a lot! On Ethereum network you will pay for transfer the most!

How does it work?

We offer you a PREMIUM service where you can buy Sepolia ETH in large amounts fast. We run a cloud-based server that monitors Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum One and Optimism mainnents, as well as Sepolia testnet 24/7. We use Alchemy as a node provider. They have the industry leading websocket solution that provides a constant and stable connection to the blockchain. As soon as an incoming transfer to our wallet is detected, the code will execute a transfer of Sepolia ETH (on Sepolia testnet) to the same address the incoming transfer was detected from.

How fast will I receive my tokens when I buy Sepolia ETH?

It's really fast! When funds arrive to our wallet, a transfer of your Sepolia ETH happens instantly. It should be mined in the next Sepolia testnet block.

How much Sepolia ETH can I buy?

You can buy as little as 4 Sepolia ETH for $1. The maximum amount is up to you. Please always check the available amount here and do not buy more than 30% of this amount at once. For example, if there is 10k Sepolia ETH available, you can buy up to 3k at once. If you need more, please make a second purchase that doesn't exceed 30% of updated balance, etc. This is to avoid draining all Sepolia ETH. You can also contact us for a custom amount.

What if I make a transfer but I don't get Sepolia ETH?

This is really rare situation. This may be caused by a node or a cloud service downtime which almost doesn't happen, because our providers (Alchemy and AWS) have over 99.95% uptime. The reason may be also a network overload. Then interacting with a blockchain is difficult, but in such case you will probably notice problems with sending us funds and your wallet will show a network error. If you don't get your Sepolia ETH within 5 minutes, please contact us. We will check what the problem is and reply as soon as possible.

Why Sepolia ETH is so cheap compared to 'real' ETH?

The 'real' (mainnet) ETH is an asset that can be traded on exchanges. Its price is speculative and can change frequently. Sepolia ETH is used by developers to test dApps on testnet. It has no real value on the Ethereum mainnet. Sepolia ETH can be obtained in small amounts for free from faucets. On this website you pay for a PREMIUM service of getting large amounts of Sepolia ETH fast.

Is it possible to pay with other crypto than ERC-20 token?

Yes, it is possible to buy Sepolia ETH with tokens other than ERC-20.  If you would like to buy Sepolia ETH and pay from an exchange or in other crypto than mentioned in 'BUY' page, please contact us. We accept many cryptocurrencies, like ADA, XRP, LTC, etc., via for example Binance Pay, however it's CEX and we'd like to avoid it. :) In case you choose Binance Pay or other exchange transfer, the delivery time and wallet address will be customized to your needs. PLEASE DON'T SEND CRYPTO FROM EXCHANGE TO OUR WALLET BEFORE CONTACTING US!

Why I can't send you crypto from an exchange?

The code that runs this service detects ERC-20 transfers to our wallet and sends Sepolia ETH to the same address the transfer came from (as the ERC-20 token address is the same for mainnet and testnet). If you send funds from an exchange that doesn't support Sepolia testnet, the Sepolia ETH will be sent automatically to that exchange address but you will not have access to it. When you buy Sepolia ETH, always send us funds from the wallet you have private keys to, or contact us for a custom solution.

Why I can't buy Sepolia ETH with credit card or PayPal?

We prefer peer-to-peer payments where no middleman can freeze or cancel your transaction, because they don't like it for some reason. This is why you can buy Sepolia ETH only using blockchain transfers.

What if I send wrong crypto?

If you would like to buy Sepolia ETH but send wrong crypto to our address, then please contact us. If it's ERC-20 token then we will send you the funds back, but a transfer gas fee will be deducted (this is to avoid spam attacks to our wallet). We can also consider sending you Sepolia ETH in exchange for that crypto, if it's the one we would like to keep. You will choose a scenario that fits you the best. IF YOU SEND NOT ERC-20 TOKEN TO OUR WALLET - IT WILL BE LOST!

What if I send wrong amount of crypto?

There is no such thing! Our code will calculate the amount you send in ratio of $1 = 4 Sepolia ETH. You will be sent the amount of Sepolia ETH you paid for, rounded to 4 decimal places. For example if you send $1.99 you will get 7.96 Sepolia ETH, for $5.11 you will get 20.44 Sepolia ETH, etc. Please remember, the minimum amount to send is $1 worth of assets, and the maximum amount you can purchase at once is 30% of available balance.

Why do I have to pay if I can get Sepolia ETH from a faucet for free?

We offer you a PREMIUM service where you can buy Sepolia ETH in large amounts fast. If you don't want to pay - it's really fine, please use faucets instead to get a little bit of Sepolia ETH every day.

How do you calculate the price of 'real' ETH and other ERC-20 assets?

When you buy Sepolia ETH with crypto other than stablecoins, we use Chainlink Data Feeds to determine the current ETH and other cryptocurrencies prices. This method is used by most of the dexes, because it minimizes the risk of price manipulation. Here you can read more about this solution. We round each calculation to 4 decimal places.